Corporate Governance by State

Use the table below to quickly navigate the corporate governance requirements by state such as qualifications for directors, required officers, and whether an annual meeting of shareholders is required.

The facts in this table are default rules for the corporation set by state law. The law often permits a corporation to declare alternative provisions in either the articles of incorporation or the bylaws.

This table describes for-profit corporations. See a similar table for nonprofit corporations.


Our Resources:

Alabama Incorporation Guide


  • Number: One or more required.
  • Qualifications: Natural person at least 19 years of age. No shareholder requirement. No residency requirement.
  • Quorum: Majority of directors, unless otherwise fixed in bylaws.


  • As provided in the bylaws.


  • Required: Yes.


  • Qualifications: N/A
  • Stock Certificate: not required.
  • Voting Trusts Allowed: Yes.

Annual Shareholder Meeting:

  • Required: Yes, but no consequence to not holding one.
  • Action by written consent: Allowed if by all shareholders entitled to vote on the action.

Annual Report:

  • Required: No.

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